Jumbled Thoughts

As I’ve said before, I find the idea of allowing same-sex marriage (and mixed-sex civil partnerships) important. Not simply because I am in a long-term relationship and would like to marry my partner one day and have said marriage recognised in the country we both live in, but because of the attitudes it could change. We may not see it now, but there’ll end up being a generation raised where same-sex marriage will be seen as the same as mixed-sex marriages. Imagine that.

While Scotland’s bill has been by and large ignored by the media in all senses, the lead up to the vote has seen some horrendous prejudice. Detached politicians, representing their own views and rarely those of their constituency, are reported making disgusting comments daily. Using passages from religious texts out of context. Using procreation arguments when there are plenty of cisgender, heterosexual couples also unable to reproduce. It goes on and on. 

One of my largest concerns is the erasure of trans* people in the whole situation. Scotland’s bill would currently, quite simply, exclude trans* people from marriage. Hence my support for mixed-sex civil partnership; it means no divorces simply because a person wants to change the sex on their birth certificate.

Apologies for a very disjointed blog. Today’s events are setting me on edge, and a person can only deal with having their very being attacked so much before it starts to wear them down. I am not ashamed of who I am, but being repeatedly attacked and watching it happen to others like myself takes a toll.


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