Why a Blog?

One thing I am always asked when I say I run blogs is why? Why would I pour effort into something that is unlikely to gain much, if any, attention?

The answer is simple: I want this information to be accessible somewhere. Perhaps it’s a little self-serving, but LGBTQ+ people are vastly under-represented in the media. We are forced to fit boxes, perceived to be a set of stereotypes and often only dragged out to be demonised or used as a sob story. The two weeks alone have proven that sanctioned transphobia is still a current thing, and that absolute rags are still allowed to publish hatred. Yet we’re told to be apathetic and “deal with it”.

Why should I sit back and stay silent about that? Why should I just accept this is the order of things and not complain? I’m not going to. I don’t recommend it to anybody else either. We all have voices; very few of us ever get to be heard.

So, I hope you enjoy my writing because this is something that means a lot to me.


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